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*** Official *** County Cricket 2020


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Thought Olly Stone was injured, good to see him taking wickets.

Not really expecting that from Jack Brooks, but hey I'll take it.


International Debutant
my word some of those scorecards...

and middlesex not falling over in a heap. end times. still a 5-7 of andersson, simpson and harris is uhhhhh interesting.


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Didn’t know he was debuting today, excellent. Played against Jack, decent bowler, loves a moan on the pitch, but good lad off it!
Did very well in his couple of years out here. Bowled well in the final too, the Wiz.


International Vice-Captain
Craig Overton starting the season well. Might be my imagination but it seems like he is running in that bit harder, and getting it down a touch quicker in the highlight clips i've seen. Certainly something he'll need if he wants to be a test cricketer. He batted above Van der Merwe yesterday too so maybe working on his batting game.

Was hoping to see a bit of Will Smeed for Somerset this season but alas not this week. Talented young bat.


International Vice-Captain
So what game should I watch I wonder? Any suggestions?

EDIT: went for Sussex V Hampshire. Second ball I saw young offie Jack Carson bowls a very good one to dismiss noted ex Cricket Superstar winner Ian Holland
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To the Overtons, Craig looks like he has gained pace, but Jamie seems to have lost a bit.
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C Overton and Robinson both look better bowlers than last year. Shame for their sake that they have to get past Anderson, Broad and Woakes to get in the England side.

Seems to be a few of the big bowlers who are slip catchers these days. I notice Jamie Overton has 3 slip catches in this current game, Craig O also a slipper. Garton has a couple of catches too in the slips.

Keeping a keen eye on Matthew Fisher at Yorkshire again. Looks good. Definite England potential. Can move the ball both ways at good pace. Accurate, tall, decent action. Noticeable how his pace has dropped as the game has gone on. Action remains the same just doesn't have the fitness in the legs and body to keep running it at this stage in his injury blighted career. Hope he gets a Lions tour this winter.


International Vice-Captain
JOverton gets Charlie Hemphrey with a bouncer caught and bowled.

I remember him him bounced out by Scott Boland of all people once back in his Queensland days. Not keen on the short one, that's for sure


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Durham came back from 100 runs behind to 200/2 before collapsing. Lost 7-30 and only a few slogs from Rushworth got them up to a 170 target.

Not sure the twists are done up there.