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*Official* Club Cricket Season XIV-XV


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Happy with my second straight FC century, although getting out to Thomas sucks.

Noble One

International Vice-Captain
Orlando finally showing some form. Great win chasing 343.

My own career starting off with encouraging signs. Two wickets on debut, then followed it up this game with a five for, plus an extra wicket in the second innings.

Will like to see an improvement in my economy rate. Also uncertain about my batting position at number 7. Probably one or two spots too high.


International Captain
Use EditPad to read scorecards.

AUS - 50 - Victoria v Queensland
AUS - 50 - New South Wales v South Australia
AUS - 50 - Tasmania v South Australia
ENG - P40 -Essex v Sussex
ENG - P40 -Worcestershire v Yorkshire
ENG - P40 -Gloucestershire v Worcestershire
ENG - P40 -Nottinghamshire v Somerset
ENG - P40 -Sussex v Hampshire
ENG - P40 - Warwickshire v Middlesex
ENG - P40 - Derbyshire v Northamptonshire
ENG - P40 - Surrey v Middlesex
ENG - P40 - Glamorgan v Kent
SL - 50 - Badureliya v Nondescripts
SL - 50 - Bloomfield v Colombo
SL - 50 - Colts v Moors
SL - 50 - Sinhalese v Chilaw Marians
SL - 50 - Ragama v Tamil Union
USA - 50 - NY v Orlando
USA - 50 - Atlanta v Texas
USA - 50 - California v Maine
USA - 50 - Washington v Indiana
T&T - 50 - San Fernando v Porters
T&T - 50 - Laventille v Towers
T&T - 50 - Marabella v Toco
T&T - 50 - Pirates v Mayaro
AUS - FC - Queensland v Western Australia
AUS - FC - New South Wales v Victoria
AUS - FC - Western Australia v Tasmania
ENG - FC - Warwickshire v Hampshire
ENG - FC - Somerset v Durham
ENG - FC - Yorkshire v Worcestershire
ENG - FC - Kent v Northamptonshire
ENG - FC - Gloucestershire v Essex
ENG - FC - Derbyshire v Surrey
SL - FC - Chilaw Marians v Sri Lanka Army
SL - FC - Colombo v Nondescripts
SL - FC - Ragama v Badureliya
SL - FC - Sinhalese v Colts
SL - FC - Tamil Union v Bloomfield
USA - 4D - Atlanta v NY
USA - 4D - Texas v Orlando
USA - 4D - Indiana v California
USA - 4D - Maine v Washington
T&T - 4D - Porters v Marabella
T&T - 4D - Mayaro v Laventille
T&T - 4D - Towers v Toco
T&T - 4D - Pirates v San Fernando
Sold short in the OD game then have to win the game with the bat in the FC matecs.

C'mon Mayaro, maina is not impressed

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Monday 18 May

AUS - 50 - Queensland v New South Wales
AUS - 50 - Western Australia v Victoria
AUS - 50 - South Australia v Western Australia
ENG - P40 -Yorkshire v Durham
ENG - P40 -Gloucestershire v Essex
ENG - P40 -Durham v Worcestershire
ENG - P40 -Essex v Nottinghamshire
ENG - P40 - Lancashire v Derbyshire
ENG - P40 - Northamptonshire v Leicestershire
ENG - P40 - Warwickshire v Glamorgan
ENG - P40 - Lancashire v Surrey
SL - 50 - Badureliya v Ragama
SL - 50 - Colombo v Nondescripts
SL - 50 - Colts v Sinhalese
SL - 50 - Sri Lanka Army v Chilaw Marians
SL - 50 - Tamil Union v Bloomfield
USA - 50 - Atlanta v NY
USA - 50 - Texas v Orlando
USA - 50 - Indiana v California
USA - 50 - Washington v Maine
T&T - 50 - Porters v Marabella
T&T - 50 - Mayaro v Laventille
T&T - 50 - Towers v Toco
T&T - 50 - San Fernando v Pirates



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Rubbish, we got destroyed by Ben Laughlin. Ordinary performance to top score with 38.


International Debutant
Haha, all out for 96, shocking performance there. Signs not looking good for me in the OD format either.

Sean is a beast though.


You'll Never Walk Alone
Haha, yessssssssssss. Just happy to come away with decent figures. And I can blame the batsmen. :cool:

Keep it up Calypso.


International Coach
Another glorious OD performance there, seem to be quite the attacking batsman in FC cricket and utter bobbins at the shorter game. Need some rose tinted glasses, might think the ball was red and finally start to hit the ****