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*Official* Champions Trophy Discussion Thread

Mr Mxyzptlk

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The Champions Trophy, delayed due to sponsorship disputes, will begin during the second week of the upcoming season. The tournament will be held in India and features 12 teams across four pools. Round 1 involves only Pools A and B (the bottom-6-ranked teams in ODI cricket):

Pool A

Pool B
West Indies

Competition takes place in Round Robin fashion and the top team in each of Pool A and Pool B advances to the second round to meet the top 6 and form an 8-team competition.
Points are as such: 2 for a win, 1 for a tie or no result.
The second round involves Round Robin play with the following groups:

Pool C
Cricket Web XI
Sri Lanka

Pool D
South Africa
New Zealand
West Indies

The top two teams from each group move on to the semi-final round:

C1 v D2
D1 v C2

Teams are allowed squads of 15.

Warmup Schedule
April 20
India v West Indies at Chandigarh
Bangladesh v Zimbabwe at Ahmedabad
England v Kenya at Jaipur

Round 1
April 21
Pool A: India v Bangladesh at Chandigarh

April 22
Pool B: West Indies v Zimbabwe at Ahmedabad

April 23
Pool A: Bangladesh v Kenya at Jaipur

April 24
Pool B: England v Zimbabwe at Mumbai

April 25
Pool A: India v Kenya at Ahmedabad

April 26
Pool B: West Indies v England at Chandigarh

Warmup Schedule
April 27
Australia v Pakistan at Chandigarh
Cricket Web XI v New Zealand at Ahmedabad
Sri Lanka v South Africa at Jaipur

Round 2
April 28
Pool C: Australia v Cricket Web XI at Mumbai
Pool D: South Africa v New Zealand at Jaipur

April 29
Pool C: India v Sri Lanka at Ahmedabad
Pool D: Pakistan v West Indies at Chandigarh

April 30
Pool C: Australia v Sri Lanka at Jaipur
Pool D: South Africa v Pakistan at Mumbai

May 1
Pool C: India v Cricket Web XI at Chandigarh
Pool D: New Zealand v West Indies at Ahmedabad

May 2
Pool C: India v Australia at Chandigarh
Pool D: South Africa v West Indies at Mumbai

May 3
Pool C: Cricket Web XI v Sri Lanka at Ahmedabad
Pool D: New Zealand v Pakistan at Mumbai

May 5
Semi-Final 1: C1 v D2 at Chandigarh

May 6
Semi-Final 2: D1 v C2 at Jaipur

May 8
Final at Mumbai
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Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Haha, I noticed that little mistake. Anyway looking forward to getting this underway.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
If ICC has proved anything it's that Bangladesh always become top of the world by then.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Haha. I'm here wondering why is it that I have room for Ireland. Bingo.
For Ireland, read England.

Admittedly it was approaching midnight after a very long day. It's telling that it took so long for someone to notice btw.