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*Official* Big Bash League 2018-19


International Coach
Why do they need to replace the ball when it goes under the fence? Are they lost or do they get damaged?
so it's pretty much what happens in the 18th hole in minigolf, ball goes back to this unhygienic dude at the front counter and it's cheaper to just get a new one out. there's a particular spot on the boundary at the lockett stand end where you get a free game tho


International Coach
i know he got the wicket (and should've had two there) but interesting of henriques to bring himself on here, has barely bowled a ball in any form this season


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Edwards getting the treatment a bloke with that haircut and ‘tache deserves. Sabba saves his bacon.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Why isn't Christian batting higher? He's a much better bat than most of these Melbourne blokes.