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*Official* Big Bash League 2018-19

Crazy Sam

International 12th Man
Second-highest first 10 overs of any T20 ever apparently?? Amazing hitting; there haven't been anywhere near enough games with that type of hitting this BBL, outside of Hurricanes innings.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
That was some awesome hitting by Cutting and Bryant.

This is why the light failure had to be considered a no result.


Hall of Fame Member
I'd actually been waiting for Cutting to play that kind of innings for like 6 years. He'd always shown he had the potential to hit the ball further than anyone


Cricketer Of The Year
Incredible hitting, seen glimpses of that sort of destruction from Cutting but he really went on with it in a big way.

Still bowls pump though


Hall of Fame Member
So, how badly do the Thunder need to beat the Hurricanes to overtake the Heat and keep their chances alive? I have no idea when it comes to NRR


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I'd say it would need to be a win by a similar margin to what the Heat won by last night.

Bryant is fantastic to watch, seemingly the only one he didn't hit out the middle was the first inside edge for four.


Hall of Fame Member
Heat must be pretty good value to win the thing. 4-5 players who can chase any total if things go their way


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
The Stars batted poorly and are all about Maxie with the bat. Maddison has to go.

What a one sided fiasco.

The Gabba and Perth are by far the best cricket pitches.


Y no Afghanistan flag
Ive watched most matches of this torture/tournament but ive successfully missed watching Fergusons blitz in Perth and now Cutting and Bryant.