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*Official* Big Bash League 12 - 2022/23


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Well it's probably the fastest deck in the world and anyone can cop one which causes damage. The bloke is vital to any chance Aus has in India.


Cricketer Of The Year
Good luck getting him to go along with it, I'd reckon. No doubt he's the most vital piece of the puzzle in India, but I reckon he'd be a stroppy ****er at the suggestion of him not playing on the off chance of injury.

the big bambino

International Captain
Short of kidnapping him for a few weeks you can't stop him. However with a few volunteers I'm prepared to do it. Of course we'd need an espresso machine to keep him happy with coffee and he can snapchat Marnus too. Also a pitch and net and we'd have to be willing to bowl at him for the whole time. But it would be worth it to get him safely to India.


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Matt Short just another cricketing sky rocket - they start off all flash and put on a show, but at the end of the day a burnt out stick falls harmlessly back to earth.


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A lot of keepers would have taken those 2 edges from Carey but Harper is a midget and for some reason not even getting close to those


International Debutant
The revolving cast of characters we've seen in the commentary box sure shows how little skill there is in doing it to a level that television producers deem acceptable.