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***Official*** Bangladesh in NZ 2021-22


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Only a matter of time. Should've just tried to hang around when Litton was smashing them to all parts instead of trying to join him in the scoring spree.


International Debutant
In a meeting and just following the score - 81/0 in the last ten overs, what the hell is happening out there?!
Old ball and silly lengths plus Liton pulling and hooking like a West Indian.

Anyway that's done now. Was really hoping Sohan would score a substantial half ton and lend credence to my campaign to have him in the team more often


State Vice-Captain
Superb innings from Das. He's put away all the half rat power rubbish with aplomb. Very assured performance from him while the rest of the Banga batting has looked so inept in this test.


State Vice-Captain
I thought those two would get through to the new ball to ensure Southee and Boult would get some cheap ones at the end, but maybe it'll be Wagner and Jamieson who get a crack at 9 10 jack...


Hall of Fame Member
I imagine the last thing Ross wants to do is bowl, and I don't think it would have crossed Tom's mind...and in all the retirements I remember (of batsmen) I don't remember any calls for them to bowl.
In this case, only Ross, Young and Nicholls bowl even part-time spin. We don't have anyone else. The occasional bowler to end a session has bagged wickets before, and out of those three, why not Ross? He's bowled more than either of the other two. If there was someone better, then sure.


likes this
Good fun from Liton

Taskin has a 75 in Tests. Would be nice if he could bat out the day. Drag this into Day 4. I think hoping for a 4th innings might be too much at this stage.


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Plumb. Had to review it tho.

Didn't bowl well enough Day 1 + that first innings batting effort was a ****show.

1-1 still a much better result than anyone predicted. I thought both games would go like this. Liton got a pretty ton as well which is nice.