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*Official* Australia vs West Indies - Frank Worrell Trophy 2022


International Debutant
Annoying. If they're going to get spin wickets I want Lyon to get them to add to his meme record. It'll be funny as **** if he gets to 500.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Match 1 of massacre series done. WI put out of their misery.
Takeaways ( have been same for last 7-8 years or so) - WI have no real batsmen after batters 1 & 2 (except for performers on dodo pitches). On a pitch which really needs you to rely on your skills and offers little assistance, the bowlers are a huge question mark. Kraigg the batsman-very good, Kraigg the captain - poor.


Whatever it takes!!!
Good win for Aus. Promising signs for Windies batting but with Cummins out, they should have fancied themselves getting the draw.


School Boy/Girl Captain
Hi everyone.

This is my first ever post. I joined a short time ago.

Nice to meet you all. Easy win for Australia. West Indies tried hard but not good enough. Hard to get into this series to he honest when the opposition is lacking.

In my opinion, all eyes are on 2023 which will be a big year for Australia on the road with India in India and England in England.

Of course before all of that we have the South Africa series too in Australia as well.



School Boy/Girl Captain
Sherwin Campbell the last windie to get a 4th innings ton here in Australia? Jeez
West Indies Opening Batsman to Score a Test Match 4th Innings Century Against Australia

2022: Kraigg Brathwaite - 110 (in Aust)

1996: Sherwyn Campbell - 113 (in Aust)

1992: Phil Simmonds - 110 (in Aust)

1989: Gordon Greenidge - 104 (in Aust)

1984: Gordon Greenidge - 120* (in WI)

1984: Desmond Hayes - 103 (in WI)

1976: Viv Richards - 103 (in Aust)

1952: Jeffrey Stollmeyer - 104 (in Aust)

Victor Ian

Cricketer Of The Year
so, with the hindsight of a result, was the pitch still too flat? Seems the ground dude got it right.


School Boy/Girl Captain
so, with the hindsight of a result, was the pitch still too flat? Seems the ground dude got it right.
Pitch looked flat for the days 1, 2 and 3, then started to deteriorate on day 4 and 5 but not fully deteriorate thst it became a minefield. It was certain a batter friendly deck but there was a little bit (albeit it a very small amount) for the bowlers if they bowled good lines and lengths.


Cricketer Of The Year
Will Captain Carbon be fit for the next test?

Also coined the term from here on