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*Official* Australia vs South Africa -2022/3

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
"Nothing in it" is an overstatement. This is exactly the sort of deck where the visitors come, bowl trash and concede 450+, then they come out to bat and they suddenly find that there's more than enough to cause problems if you bowl properly on it.
It is a flat wicket. Jansen is Cummins or Starc level with the bat, he batted for hours yesterday and Cummins had men on the boundary.

Both sides trying their best to give their wickets away.


Global Moderator
I mean surely you have to see that your partner is halfway to the boundary rope before calling him through


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Should be batting for hours, not going for it like the last over of a T20. Why do we **** things up like this?


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honestly marnus did the turn perfectly fine which is when he should have said no. he bbq'd himself


Global Moderator
honestly marnus did the turn perfectly fine which is when he should have said no. he bbq'd himself
Yeah there's plenty of fault to go around there but by the usual rules, the guy who has the better view has the better of the responsibility


International Debutant
It’s been interesting after a fashion hearing Langer commentate. He has this very ingratiating manner, and he knows all the correct lines you’re supposed to say in a corporate/government way. It’s tremendously irritating.