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*Official* Australia vs South Africa -2022/3


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we won't get a double declaration, if anything we're getting uz gets to double ton > declare > push for the follow on
At this point I'm going full **** it and let Ussie get a triple. We're not getting on before tea and there's not enough time for a result.

Shady Slim

International Coach
ally mitchell and copes on the rain coverage talking about how guys having their own distinct century celebrations is good for the marketability of the game for kids and i'm minded to say yep!


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Because India is a much better opposition. These Tests series - WI and SA against Australia are meaningless....they are just stats galore feasts for the Aussie batters and bowlers. The real test for Australia will be when they tour India and England.

Australia are a good side but they have been made to look like millionaires due to the weak opposition.
You're an idiot


International Captain
Why am I an idiot??? Because I have a different point of view to you? Calling me an idiot based on that says a lot about you. Pretty nasty actually. Let me tell you something - not everyone will sing from the same songsheet as you so you better get used to that.
The correct response is: no u