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***Official*** Australia v New Zealand - Final


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Discussion around the final between Australia and New Zealand.
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I could care less who qualify for Final to play against Aus but i would like that team to win.. I am sorry i am just tired of seeing Aus dominating and winning every single major ICC ODI tournments.


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If Pakistan reaches final, i don't think Ponting 'll be able to Score a century in the final, it'll be a close game if Pakistan is there in the final


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TBA is an awesome side. Dont see the Aussies winning against their awesomeness.


Norwood's on Fire
Defo supporting TBA, hope it's Pakistan tbh, just because I think winning another tournament would be great for the people there.


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Beaten to the punch by a couple of other posters. Anyhow I'll come out and say it, TBA FTW

Scaly piscine

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Can't see NZ giving Australia a game. But it's clear international cricket is in a bit of a weak phase going by England making it through to the semis and NZ making it to the final with both teams being almost entirely devoid of genuine quality ODI players.