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***Official*** Australia in India ODIs/T20s 2017


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as we enter the final match i would like to hear about the favourite memories you guys have of this series
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Abandoned due to damp outfield. Finally this series has been put out of its misery.


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Blaming the Australians for this boring series. What an absolutely crap team. Disgrace.


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Politics section is a better read than this tour, lots of big words with 1000 word blog posts. Learning more than I did in 17 years of education!


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I guess this tour is a good example of the positive side of the new ODI league concept - namely that series that are widely are not seen to have meaning will now be given some context.

Having said that, a good ODI series can be enjoyed for its own sake and usually Australia in India ODI series are pretty good but Australia have become a pretty terrible ODI side away from home in the past 12 months under Smith and they were largely mediocre in this series.

But the T20 series feels increasingly irrelevant now. I've been against those calling for T20 internationals only being played at World Cups but I'm beginning to come around to that idea. Either that or make it more qualifying based for T20 WCs. I actually think T20 internationals need a league more than Tests or ODIs do.


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T20s should be played in a double header - a day game and a night game with a 2h break in between. They could play a series of 6 within a week.


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Can a mod un-sticky this please so it can swiftly disappear to the oblivion it so richly deserves.


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Considering how much interest the two tours generated, it’s funny during the Australian cricket pay dispute this tour was seen by some as a pivotal deadline while the Bangladesh Tests were seen as a disposable afterthought.