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*Official* Australia in India 2023


International Captain
Why are you guys still discussing 3 days old topic . Let it go .
Who appointed you peacemaker? Let them fight it out :censored:

In fact here are my belated two cents as well :laugh:. Guha looks like a weasel. Always has had his tongue wedged far up the Gandhi parivar's collective buttcheeks (there's Gu in his name after all). Sadly, our brown coolies at home and abroad are *still* easily impressed by Anglophile commie scum. I can guess who else from the desi pantheon qualifies as "world-class" and "required reading".


International Captain
Stoinis is gonna play the rest of the series cause he took 2fer isn't he? Good to see marsh make runs either way, criminally underrated ODI player


International Captain
Please mind your own crap when you have no idea about Indian history and how conflicted the region was for so long. Only in the last 20-30 years has the country started to become a little unified to some degree.

India is not one simple country like Australia or England, it is like an European Union in itself, a blend of many cultures, many languages and many identities all brought together under one flag. Imagine bright together Germans, French, Italians, Spainish, Hungarians, Dutch, Belgians, Scandinavians, Swiss, Polish, Greeks and so on, under one nation.. How hard a task would that be?!

That's India (Indian Union) for you. All the people may seem the same to the western eye but they are not!

Gujaratis, Marathis, Punjabis, Kannadigas, Bengalis, Tamils, Telugus, Malayalis, Sindhis, Kashmiris, Biharis, Odias, Assamese, Jats, Parsis, and so on are distinctly different groups of people with clearly 'different' languages spoken (like European Union) to go with religious diversity! Western nations cannot even fathom the level of difficulty there is to bring together so many distinct groups of people and a vast population of 1.4 billion on one page under one flag. India is essentially like 12-15 nations unified to work as one.

So you are talking about nationalism turned to 11? The **** do you even know? There is a lack of nationalism there! Thats why hardly anyone follows any rules and don't give a **** about the collective. It is that unity that has been lacking but is slowly coming along. It will take a long time. Nationalism will take a long time as India is a relatively new nation. Only 75 years independent. But there are voices like Guha who are hell bent on keeping the country conflicted like it used to be so that they can make political gains.
I stood at attention while reading this.


International Captain
Is it better to let people fight it out for another 100 years or make efforts to unify them, get them to understand their differences, get them on the same page.
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