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***Official*** Australia in India 2017


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Warner probably had the worst series though. Biggest reason for Australia's inability to seal the win.


Mr. Glass
It's not over yet by the way, Australia can still win, despite it being quite unlikely. Thats because India are playing with a very weak middle order. There's not one reliable batsman after Pujara.

No.4, 5 & 6-
Rahane - woefully out of form and what not
Nair- absolutely c**p.
Ashwin - He is not able to bend with any ease due to his hernia and all and its impacted his batting dramatically as well, not just his bowling.

These 3 together make up about 1 batsman.

No.7 Saha - he has had to step up, given all of above.
No.8 Jadeja- he too has had to knuckle down due to the shortcomings of the above

If you add all that up, India in effect are playing with around 4 batsmen.. and Saha and Jadeja (who too is unreliable). If Australia can get the top 3 guys out, who knows, it may end up being a much closer finish than many are expecting.
This post is full of ****.


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Blaming Wade is a bit unfair. Like yeah, taking the two was stupid, but he still did better than most, and he made runs in the first innings as well. Faced the most balls on this pitch of any player (though Pujara might catch him second dig) and scored the most runs other than Smith. I do think he should have upped the scoring rate earlier and protected Haze better but you obviously have to blame the people who actually got out first.

I don't rate him much and I think Nevill is better but this might honestly be his best ever test as a batsman so not the best time to make the case.

Anyway, the reason for losing the series is largely the lack of a second truly successful batsman. After Smith there's a gap of nearly 300 runs to Renshaw, and then Handscomb/Wade/Warner/Marsh all in a group with averages in the 20s (high teens for Marsh), one or two important knocks but no big scores and no consistency. I don't really think any of those guys had a totally horrible series, Warner's getting a lot of criticism but he still made a couple of contributions, as did everyone else, but nobody actually did well overall. You throw in a Renshaw hundred converted from a 50, Handscomb turning a start into a half-century some time before Ranchi, Marsh making a score at some time other than when runs were at their hardest to get, Warner "coming off" one time and smashing the new ball bowlers out of the attack etc and you have a potential series changing result. You just can't win in India with only one successful batsman carrying you, even in a lower scoring series like this one. Australia never actually achieved the goal of batting 150 overs they set pre-tour, only won a test on the most difficult batting wicket, and only really posted competitive scores on the back of Smith hundreds.

Spinners were relatively even, seamers were competitive and kept the runs down even if Umesh had the better series, India had two strong, consistent performers with the bat and some role players and Australia only had one. That's the difference between the sides.
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International Regular
Fat chance that Aus are going to win from here. If they do, they'll have to pick Rahul's wicket literally first thing in the morning. Without Kohli I can see the rest probing and moping around. Meh then again it's only 87


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Don't feel enough is being made of the sensational opening spell by the Indian quicks. Throwing hand grenades. Yadav in particular was tailing them in and ripping away at will. Too good.


International Debutant
Dharamshala is probably the best ground for fast bowlers in Asia. Even on Day 3, the ball was flying off the pitch.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Don't feel enough is being made of the sensational opening spell by the Indian quicks. Throwing hand grenades. Yadav in particular was tailing them in and ripping away at will. Too good.
We're afraid of praising them too much lest they turn back into frogs.


International Captain
This post is full of ****.
Do you know what a hernia is? Ashwin has a hernai problem and its an awful thing to have, it truly begins to restrict your free flow movement, you have to take a lot of precautions.

Have you been seeing him in the field? He's barely dived to stop any ball or at times he's even failed to bend down freely to field the ball. (earlier in the season, I saw him dive on handful of occasions, not anymore)
He himself had said that he was having to play at 60-70% of his potential otherwise. That's why he's not putting or able to put as many revs on the ball. Can't exert certain muscles. The guy needs a long break to be in better condition, especially needs a break from a heavy workload like that in Test Cricket.

Just take Kohli as an example, they were all claiming that he's fine, but he clearly was not fine. Had great discomfort in the nets in the leadup to this match and thus had to reluctantly sit out.. Even if he had been 80%, he would've been playing.


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I think they should open with spinners tomorrow. If the batsmen have another over like the first one against Cummins (with a boundary or two through third man), it could be a killer. They desperately need to build pressure first up.