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***Official*** Australia in India 2017


Hall of Fame Member
Bit unfortunate there, but it really did feel like it was coming. Need to find a way to get another 50 runs here to at least have some chance.


International Debutant
For the record, that's a harsh decision to be given out; but Maxwell has no one to blame but himself for giving the umpire that decision to make.


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Are people actually arguing that he was playing a shot there?


You could say he was unlucky it was just clipping, but it looked dead on first viewing.


The Wheel is Forever
I mean it was a **** shot but he arguably played one. Never mind
Yeah I don't know. I guess his intent wasn't to play a shot - it was just for the purposes of LBW that one can say he offered one...does that count? (I genuinely could go either way on that tbf)