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***Official*** Australia in India 2017


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I've been waiting a long time to see India bundled out cheaply after losing 4-5 wickets, seeing as we play 5 bowlers and don't have a very good WK/batsman. I think this is Australia's key to success, and the department where NZ and England failed.


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So Watson doesn't think the tour could be worse than 2013. It's unlikely with him not there to be idiot captain in a test but you never know.


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That series was one of the closer whitewashes you are likely to see (except Hyderabad, that was a pasting).


Global Moderator
That series was one of the closer whitewashes you are likely to see (except Hyderabad, that was a pasting).
Maintaining performance over more than one or two innings has been our problem in India for a decade tbh.


International Captain
wtf did Cartwright do to get dropped?
Getting hit on the balls

As for this series, think its all about damage control. A series win is out of question but if they can somehow compete and jag a a test it would be pretty good. They are putting together a decent side despite recent dire performances with the younger guys and it'd be great if that could continue.


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Wasn't any ODI's in the 2013 series either. Probably a timing issue, we'll probably see an ODI-only tour in the near future over there.
I actually don't mind it. The ODI series tend to stick in the memory when they do it that way.


U19 Vice-Captain
Yay another onesiddd series where the visiting team has no hope. Seeing a lot of these types of series lately. Nobody knows how to bad overseas anymore.