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***Official*** Australia in India 2012/13


Hall of Fame Member
How good is Smith against swing?

I remember people bigging him up for his bowling after his break-out shield season where he averaged 50+ with bat and ball and wondering what the **** they were on about. Good to see him bat well.
Not great like all Aussies


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Learn to read.

I.E against NT, QLD, NSW etc.

He didn't play TAC Cup he's from Lauderdale in Tasmania, he played TSL football.

His father played for Hawthrorn, and he was Vice Captain of the STATE team, he finished third in the voting for the second division MVP.

And yes, he nominated for the draft.

I'd say that qualifies
Buddy, I know what the championships are. He was no chance of getting picked up to talk it up as if he was just a hair away from playing AFL is bull ****.


Virat Kohli (c)
Jono calling it AFL instead of Aussie Rules *shakes head*
He lives in Sydney now tbf.
Yeah, was going to say.

Has often made the point that people don't say 'I'm going in the backyard to play some English Premier League' so they shouldn't say they play AFL.

Horrible stuff all round here.
Yeah, being a pedantic bastard it's always annoyed me too; I even had to change the name of "AFLSim" on CS to ARS because it was pissing me off. Near enough everyone does it in Sydney though.
Haha so true. Sydney is ruining me

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
How good is Smith against swing?
Yeah he has a pretty major technical flaw against the pace bowling in general, as I said in this thread before. He stays leg side of the ball and ends up just poking at it rooted to the crease when it's back of a length outside off, so if it moves away from him or bounces he's in trouble. It's a bit like an even worse, more exaggerated version of "Hughes ct Guptill b Martin", but obviously it was never going to be a major issue in India.

It's not as bad as it used to be (I reckon it's all but disappeared from his front foot game now) but it's still part of his game on the back stool; he doesn't get himself across. I backed him over Khawaja once I saw the tour squad as he's always had a pretty good setup against spin, but I'm not expecting much from him in the Ashes if he plays. I remain hopeful though obviously; he's clearly one of Australia's best young batting talents whether people want to believe that or not.


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Siddle's fifty last innings means he's going to bat above Starc and Pattinson for the rest of eternity and it's going to kill me.


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How bad was that over from Ashwin?

Anyway, good stuff from Sidds as there is no chance of survival if he just blocks