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*Official* Australia in England T20s and ODIs


Cricket Web Owner
Fri Aug 28
Only ODI - Scotland v Australia
Grange Cricket Club Ground, Raeburn Place, Edinburgh

Sun Aug 30
1st T20I - England v Australia
Old Trafford, Manchester

Tue Sep 1
2nd Twenty20 International - England v Australia
Old Trafford, Manchester

Fri Sep 4
1st ODI - England v Australia
Kennington Oval, London

Sun Sep 6
2nd ODI - England v Australia
Lord's, London

Wed Sep 9
3rd ODI - England v Australia
The Rose Bowl, Southampton

Sat Sep 12
4th ODI - England v Australia
Lord's, London

Tue Sep 15
5th ODI - England v Australia
Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Thu Sep 17
6th ODI - England v Australia
Trent Bridge, Nottingham N/A

Sun Sep 20
7th ODI - England v Australia
Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street


International Coach
6-1 to Australia
Not sure it would be that easy, because our limited overs performances off-late have been shoddy to say the very least, so would have to play well to win in England, but then having said that English limited overs performances haven't been great either in recent times, and on top of that they would be playing without KP.


Hall of Fame Member
Almost forgot about these, Australia to win but not by a huge margin with at least one washout. England to do put in there normal one day performances, couple of dreadfull ones followed by a couple of good one.


International Debutant
I'm expecting England to come out and surprise everyone. Australia to pick shambolic teams in 5 games and to lose the series.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Almost forgot about these
Not surprising. Playing a ODI series after an Ashes in England is such a diabolical idea. In fact not much of a fan of ODIs to finish the summer at all.

BTW wouldn't this be better in the Ashes subforum? I know it's in theory related to the Test series only but I reckon it'd be better just used for the whole tour.


U19 12th Man


Eyes not spreadsheets
Not really surprising - he had enough in him pre-op for one last hurrah, so why waste on some realtively meaningless ODIs?


Will watch the matches till Watto gets out, but other then that have little interest in these games as things stand. We have a really boring ODI side these days with no Gilly, Hayden and Symonds.

Doesn't help it's a 7 match series either, which is absurd.


International Captain
I don't think england have the squad to trouble australia,especially their batting,badly missing pieterson and flintoff.
The australian squad has a stable batting line up,feel white could be called up for his hitting sometime.
The bowling attack is quiet strong.
Even tim paine the reserve batsmen is a sensible batsmen with few technological worries in his batting.
We won't win the icc kncokout series or the next world cup,but we should win this series 5-2,6-1.
Callam ferhurson to star.


Hall of Fame Member
Yeah it probably wont be the most exciting series. Australia should win, if Lee and Bracken find form the series could get very one sided.