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*Official* Afghanistan in Bangladesh 2019

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
I mean, I've seen a fair bit of Mosaddek's bowling and it's still pretty filthy tbh.

Looks like a case of a guy who's really a specialist batsman just fitting into the role that's available?
Yeah if someone had told Ricky Ponting he had to bowl seven overs of offies per ODI innings to make the team (which is more or less what's happening here, lol) he'd have made a better fist of it tbh.

He is gradually getting better at it though and does look slightly more like a real bowler than 2019 Mahmudullah.


International Regular
Rashid Khan slowly improving his test stats now after the mauling received at the hands of India.


likes this
BD getting smashed here

haven't watched any of it so no clue why this is happening, but very weird selection to say the least. To many spinners is too predictable


International Regular
After the debut test against India, everyone dismissed Rashid Khan as a limited format player. He is proving himself in tests now. Will definitely be the best test player for Afghanistan when he retires.


International Debutant
This has got to sting for Bangladesh. Afghanistan are playing their 3rd or 4th match.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
2 lucky wickets for the Afghans, and 2 unnecessary shots by 2 set batsmen. Things could have been very different.