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***Official*** 4th Test at the MCG


Global Moderator
Soft signal is kind of nonsense since it was a complete guess (or more likely judged by the fielding teams reaction).


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I actually think it stayed off the deck but who bloody knows?

Great effort Broad. May end up being a match winning partnership. If the Poms get rolled here and nip one out tonight it’ll be on like Donkey Kong tomorrow morning.


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If Usman had abs of steel the ball would have bounced away instead of being cushioned to his belly.


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So basically benefit of the doubt on catches no longer exists.

How the umpire can have any opinion from where he was related to the ball. Should have just asked the 3rd umpire to make the call without any soft-signal, but I'm not sure if he'd be allowed to not offer any signal.


International Regular
Not sure how you can give that out unless you were a gentleman like Ponting and take the fielders word as gods truth


International Coach
Giving a soft signal there is pretty puzzling but doesn’t really bother me. Same old Aussies though always cheating


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Basically came down to "do you trust an Australian when the evidence is blind?" :huh:

If history is anything to go by.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Certainly this is England's best chance yet.

Our bowling to the tail has been absolute filth this match. Who knew that taking tail end wickets was important /s.