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*Official* 2022 New Zealand Tour of England, Ireland, Scotland & Netherlands

Fuller Pilch

International Coach
Bracewell just looks like a really good part timer doesn't he. Gets it to turn and bounce a decent amount but also too much filth at times
He's a part-timer for his 1st class side Wellington. Bowls a bit because he is captain. I feel sorry for him. Should never have been picked.


Audio File
Genuinely interested to see if England keep playing like this when confronted with a more muscular bowling attack next week.
I would like to think there is method in the madness and they won't just slog everything. Bairstow's hundred in the first innings was different to his two 4th innings thwackings, with a lot of steers to fine leg and third man. And even when he was hooking Henry for back to back sixes I don't think he'd be doing that if Henry wasn't serving it up there.

Hitting Southee off his length is also made much more effective when there's no one except a part time spinner to take up the slack.


International Vice-Captain
I'm now watching for exciting England batting. There's a club feel to cricket today, not batting quality but just that relaxed approach to what's supposed to have been a tricky target