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*Official* 2022 New Zealand Tour of England, Ireland, Scotland & Netherlands

Pup Clarke

Cricketer Of The Year
Aye this Potts lad looks good. Strong open-chested action, gets consistent movement and quick enough.

Not as tall, but reminds me a bit of TRJ. Similar traits and attributes in their bowling imo


International Regular
I know its been said a million times but crawley plays some ****ing glorious shots for a man averaging 30 in fc cricket. Feels like the kinda guy who would look like VIV in the nets non-stop.


International Vice-Captain
should new zealand selectors asked taylor to delay his retirement until after this series, no one like losing to england

ashley bach

International 12th Man
Fair to say NZ have been less than switched on.
LOL that's a very polite way to put it.
tbh they have looked totally away with the ferries all day in every department, and this could turn out a very rough series for them.
With no disrespect to what Stead has achieved, it feels like it could be time for a change in the camp,
Of course England have made it terribly difficult for them, great start from Matty Potts, as well for Stokes and Brendon in their roles.
There was lots of writing on the wall before the start of the series, it'll take a gigantic effort for NZ to win the series from here.

White Ball

U19 Debutant
With heavy rain Saturday, Sunday and Monday will England try and bat once? Hard to see how there will be a result here if the forecast holds up