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*Official* 2022 New Zealand Tour of England, Ireland, Scotland & Netherlands


International Vice-Captain
There’s your loss of concentration from Latham after feasting on leg stump half volleys. Gotta make this let-off count now.

ashley bach

International Vice-Captain
If most people's last names reflect the profession of their ancestors (e.g. Archer, Butler, Carpenter, Cook, Farmer, Fisher, Forester, Miller, Sheppard, Shoemaker, Taylor, Weaver and Wheeler), what did Sidebottom's ancestors do? ?
And what about Joe Roots ancestors?


Hall of Fame Member
Well couldn’t have asked for a much better session than that. England’s bowlers and fielders looking very flat. With all the boxing analogies being thrown around in the past couple of weeks I’d say they’re starting to look a bit punched out. Guess I’ll see in the morning, off to bed now.


International Vice-Captain
These two should allow Blundell and Mitchell a break for once and focus on building a substantial lead. Great batting conditions for sure, but there’s *just* enough to interest Leach you feel and the rest of the NZ batting can be flaky vs good spin bowling.

Days of Grace

International Captain
Pfft. Who cares. New Zealand could set England 500, have them 20/6 and England would still win.

And Latham should be dropped forever as a lesson to other players that you can make a career out of feasting on the lesser nations.

ashley bach

International Vice-Captain
Anyone recall the last time NZ had 2 batsman batting together that both average 50+?
Off the top of my head I can't, perhaps it's never happened before.


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Huge this last 10 overs really. 14-3 in a game with so many runs so quickly is massive.

Now to not drop catches when the come as this is the pair we need.