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*Official* 1st Test - England v India - Keep all Discussion Here Please!


State Vice-Captain
Yeah, a five man pace attack would save the cricketing world from another display of the disgraceful leg theory from the Poms.


Cricket Web Staff Member
It's not leg theory at all - they just see so many reverse sweeps nowadays no-one can work out whether a batsman's LH or RH any more.

Or maybe they're a tad inaccurate?

Things I'd like to say in an Australian pub No 1 :
"I think that Larwood was an exceptional bowler".


International Coach
With Trescothick, Caddick and now Tudor out through injury, this is India's best chance to go one up in the series.


State Vice-Captain
Yes, its India's best chance but then India with its fickle batting in tests is never a certainty in seaming pitches.India's problem stem from its atrocious opening pair, and if those two guys can somehow give India a decent start in each innings, then things may look very different.Not sure about the bowling, though.


Cricket Web XI Moderator
Yes India do have the chance to make most of the injuries and try and win the 1st test but then when tres , butcher and co come back they shouldnt lose without a fight in another words keep trying to win


Cricket Web Staff Member
"The injury to Alex Tudor means that we need someone with batting capability in the number eight position," said chairman of selectors David Graveney.

"Depending on the balance of the side and the nature of the wicket, there could be an opportunity for either Dominic Cork or Craig White in this position.

"We feel Craig's ability to reverse swing the ball could be useful if the Lord's wicket is as flat as it was against Sri Lanka whilst Dominic will give us another option if the wicket is more seamer-friendly."

Correct me if I am wrong :
Total first-class wickets taken by Corky this season - 49
Total taken by Craig White - 8

Yet the inference from David Graveney's statement is that Corky requirec favourable conditions in order to take wickets, whereas the bustling Yorkshireman does not.

Which of these statements is most apt :
1. David Graveney has his finger on the pulse
2. Yorkshire's bowlers are really hot this season
3. Corky has been fortunate to play on seam-favourable wickets this season
4. 'Head the ball, David'

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
5. If you play for Surrey or Yorkshire then your real ability is multiplied by two in the selectors' minds

White has really not performed with the ball this year. Unlike Corky, who's taken wickets like there's no tomorrow. I sincerely hope that both Cork and Jones start.

At least Mark Ramprakash didn't get Recall Number X...


Cricket Web Staff Member
If Corky doesn't start, that would be a poor show, would upset me but would hardly surprise me.
If Jones doesn't start, that would just be crass stupidity on behalf of the selectors.
If both fail to make the side, then I'm with you, Neil - I think I am anyway. Old pals.


Cricket Web Staff Member
He has speed. He's having a reasonable season for Glamorgan - 30 wickets or so at 22 - ok, a good season. He'll make you jump about, all right.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Now the update says that he did complete it.
I wish Ananova would get their act together - nearly gave me a heart attack.
At my age, you have to be careful and avoid excitement.
Notts 240 all out.
Cork 25-11-55-4. That's 53 this season and counting, Graveney.

Standing on one leg as I post my Nelsonth message


International Captain
How good is this guy simon jones??? Someone said he's quite pacy? is it true?
I heard during the Cricket 4's tests against SL, that S.Jones has the pace but finds it difficult to control where he bowls it. But apprently he is getting near the pace of B.Lee reguarly and is certianly one for the future.

And from what I have seen from the county game, he never seems to take large amouts of wickets normally averages around 2/3 a innings


International Captain
In the current Glamorgan game he has just picked up the following figures

Jones: Overs 31 Maidens 9 Runs 93 Wickets 1 Extras (5nb)


U19 Vice-Captain
Bangar? you are not serious!
because he took 4/40 bowling??
thats crazy.
Jaffer and Sehwag should open. But then Ganguly knows the players better ;)