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*Official* 1st Test at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai, 05 - 09 Feb 2021


likes this
if he didn't drop so many catches he wouldn't need to score so many runs

Also spare a thought for our bowlers.

Need the next 5 wickets for 25 runs, and then we will have conceded only 100 runs too many.

FFS nearly had Butler 1st ball. Nothing has gone India's way since the Rory Burns dismissal.

Darwin Award

Cricket Spectator
After passing Boycott + W.a.n.kersen + Gower in one innings for most runs scored for England during his scorefest in Sri Lanka Mr Root has now passed Alec Stewart.

Gooch is now in his crosshairs circa 430 runs ahead.


International Regular
Run out of things to say about Root. Last time we had a batsman in this kind of form was Cook in 2010/11 I guess.


Nah he just played for turn that wasn't there after getting beaten in the air and getting stuck on the crease.
Yeah, the distance Pope missed it by made me think it'd done more than it had. On replay he's literally missed a straight one hitting 3/4s up middle.

Ooo, Root gone. Reviewed.


Norwood's on Fire
Could have done with Root out there for another 50 or so. 500ao on the cards here