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Offical Rugby League Thread

Shady Slim

Cricketer Of The Year
Please. Grubs Inc out Belmore way, been that way since Warren Ryan coached them. Should have been turfed from the comp in 2002, and if they had been no one would have missed them one iota.
terrible that i had to stop and ask myself "is he talking about the salary cap or the pack rape"


the what now?

how has this sport not had a government inquiry lmao nrl players need a return to reality (and actual jail time)


apologies for the link to a murdoch

I like how it tries to get sympathy for them then mentions a bunch of current guys in trouble. ****ing hell man, sportsmen are notorious for being 25 year old shambolic teenagers who get a free ride in the courts but even among sportsmen the NRL is full of abject ****s.

I feel bad for the guys not involved obv but I still can't help wondering what did happen.

ashley bach

International Debutant
Broncs have really imploded

Might be better off without Payne Haas and coach has to be under scrutiny
As far as making the 8 this year, the Broncos have travelled like a horse race where coming around the bend they're still going strongly,
then with open pastures ahead the jockey falls clean off. The way they have been losing has been total carnage, a complete turnaround to what they
were dishing out not long ago. The best example here is they crushed the Eels 36-14 on the 21st July, then lose to them 53-6, a mere 69 point
turnaround. Even with the Haas problems and some loss of players here and there, you wonder just what else has gone so wrong that's
suddenly helped to the sinking their ship.


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Frothing for tonight's game. If Parra don't turn up and play hard then they may as well not front next week against the Roosters or Rabbits.


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It is. Fmd they’re the grubbiest sporting side in australia in any code. They get away with murder

good half Parra. Could have been in front by more but playing well over all