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Offical Rugby League Thread


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Really strong starts in both halves, but ultimately a pretty disappointing performance.


International Coach
I only watched the highlights but jeez looks like Jojo Fifita cost the Titans the game. Two breaks where he should’ve passed/kicked and did **** all. Plus the knock on off the kick.


Only the 70 point Melbourne game was arguably a weaker performance than this since I returned to league in 2018.

Truly woeful. They look physically tired and weak.

Play the team sheet from the Penrith game. They clearly want to be there. If teeny tiny Tuapiki can line up to make a tackle then these forwards have no excuse.

ashley bach

Cricketer Of The Year
That's the clubs worst and most embarrassing result since entering the comp 29 years ago.
Woke up and looked at the score and had to rub my eyes twice to believe it.

66-6 really was like staring straight at the Devil. A very sad day indeed for the NZW @SillyCowCorner1

The most points the Titans had ever scored before today was 44 which they had done 4 times.

Son Of Coco

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I wonder what one word phrase Cherry-Evans will say tonight with sincerity writ large across his face if QLD win. A word that has apparently brought success to QLD through the strength of its meaning...

I do note though that Billy Slater only chooses single words to motivate his team. An acknowledgment of what the rest of us already know - trying to get QLDers to speak in full sentences is an impossible task.