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Offical Rugby League Thread

Son Of Coco

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
always love when the ref evens up the calls after the blowout.
That bloke always gets a little giddy and his underwear gets moist when he heads to Suncorp.

Geez Darren Lockyer is a **** interviewer. Never sounds like he has actually thought about what he wants to say. Thurston isn't much better. They both sound like work experience kids.


International Captain
Yeah was never gonna happen but ****, finishing work and turn on the game, first thing I see is bloody NFL passes. Absolutely awful ****. I almost hope theres a forward pass controversy next week so this **** with the bunker being unable to rule on them is done with finally.


International Captain
There was a completely legal pass from the Warriors that was called forward in the first half as well. The officiating is weirdly terrible in their games.
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School Boy/Girl Captain
God I hope broncos get thrashed in the granny.
I hate Reece Walsh so much I'm supporting Collingwood next week