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Of 'fact free' criticism


U19 Vice-Captain
The general tone of your original post was such that I thought you were out here to take revenge , but this post makes things a little clearer. Thanks for posting this bit.
That revenge bit was stupid, but explains why you jumped me. :rolleyes:

[Edited on 25/11/2002 by full_length]


State 12th Man
Hey FL, you must be the most bitter negative guy in the whole world :) I dont think I have ever heard anything positive from you :)

Anyways jokes aside, I agree completely with Laxman being underrated, I thought we were having this discussion in the 'most overrated thread and then it kinda petered out.


Cricketer Of The Year
It is quite odd that NZ are waaaay behind Zimbabwe...especially as NZ won the ICC Champions Trophy last year...


U19 Vice-Captain
The ICC knockout finals was on 15th Oct 2000 but their first match out of these twenty was on 22nd or something like that.


U19 Vice-Captain
I think there may be some problems with those stats too. Crickinfo counts away matches as those played in the other country's home.

This means I robbed NZ of it's win over BD in Colombo :D

Anyone who feels up to fixing that (accounting for neutral matches) go ahead!