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ODI Mystery Draft


Not Terrible
Get up a thread, make it a public multi vote I reckon. Everyone voting for 3 teams is usually the best way to get a clear result.


International Debutant
Couple of opinion style things.

Best Opening Pair:
Whilst Flem's Gayle and Hayden and Salman's Gilchrist and Astle are good, Spark easily wins this with Tendulkar and Jayasuria.

Best Middle Order: Some good middle orders here, but Flem's got stupidly good batting.

Best Finishers: Hard to pick this one. Himannv, 8ankitj and Athlai all have the players to finish off a match, but I'm going to be biased and pick mine.

Overall Best Batting Lineup: Flem.

Best pace bowling attack: I reckon mine and Athlai's pace attack is strong, but it's hard to look past Shri

Best spin attack: Shri is strong again here, but is maybe just pipped by the Himannv/Howe_Zat combo.

Best bowling attack: Shri

Best Team: Difficult. Spark and Flem are both lacking killer attacks, Shri was undone by having to pick minnows. I think perhaps Himannv has the best balanced team, so probably should win.


International Debutant
My bowling is better than my batting IMO, top four aside.
Discounted you more because of no proper spinner.

I mean, I know Tendulkar and Jayasuria are better than decent, I'd argue that there perhaps not enough to secure you the win overall. I don't know though, we'll see if a thread gets up.


Global Moderator
Hard to leave them aside when they're the best part of your team. Opening pair makes for an All-time world XI.
What I meant is that when taken as a whole - obviously if you look at the top four alone it's the best part of the team by miles