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ODI Draft, 2015

Red Hill

The artist formerly known as Monk
With the World Cup only a week away, an all time ODI draft might be fun for those that way inclined.

To mix it up a bit, you have to email me the name of the player you choose. One email per day.

If your player selected is unique in that round, you automatically receive that player.

If another participant also selects the same player as you in a particular round, that player is invalid for that particular round (but is still available in subsequent rounds).

If you miss a player in a particular round, you don't re-select for that round. You just enter the next round. Once you have 11 players, your team is complete. The draft continues until all teams have 11 players.

Rounds are at least 24 hours.

The email address for selections is:


Please remember to include your forum name in the email.

I'll limit this to ten participants because it's only ODIs. To be eligible for selection, a player must've played at least 1 ODI.

Let me know if you're in, and we'll get cracking...


Cricketer Of The Year
I don't quite get it, this is basically another customized version of the WC draft?

Red Hill

The artist formerly known as Monk
So far we've got


Prob want 8 participants.
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Red Hill

The artist formerly known as Monk
We have 4 participants, I'll roll with that. If someone else wants to join, feel free:

Everyone in R1 got the player they wanted-

AndyZaltHair- Imran Khan

ankitj- Viv Richards

KK- Lance Klusener

Bagapath- Richard Hadlee