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ODI Auction Draft


International Vice-Captain
This is a draft where I set a stipulation to pick a player for every round and the drafters can send me their preferred pick and their bid for that player who meets the stipulation.

Each drafter will be allotted an overall budget of $100 in which you will have to pick 12 players.

12 Rounds - 12 stipulations to pick a player - Each stipulation will be revealed one at a time.

For each Round you can email me 3 players who fit that criteria with a bid value of your choice. For example if you email me player X for $12, player Y for $10 and player Z for $8 then you will get player X if you are the highest (or only) bidder otherwise you will get player Y if you are the highest (or only) bidder for player Y and same applies for Z. If you fail to pick a player even after giving me three options (with a bid value) then I will give you two options to pick a player for that particular round and they will obviously not be worth the value that I am going to set for them.

For example, if my stipulation for Round 1 is to pick a player from Ireland and lets say I have 4 drafters and they email me their options as follows:

Drafter A: KoB ($15.5), Stirling ($10), Porterfield ($8)
Drafter B: KoB ($15), Stirling ($12), Porterfield ($5)
Drafter C: KoB ($12), Stirling ($10), Porterfield ($6)
Drafter D: KoB ($14), Stirling($11), Porterfield ($5)

Then KoB goes to drafter A, Stirling to drafter B and Porterfield to drafter C. I will give drafter D, lets say, an option to pick either Simi Singh for $2 or Trent Johnston for $14 for that round.

In the worst case where two people bid $15.55 (highest bid) for the player X then the player will be awarded to the drafter with next highest bid for X.

Any drafter who runs out of budget before picking 12 players will be allotted meme players by me.

I guess now there is an option to send private messages to members so you can either leave me your picks via direct messaging or send email to whencricketislife@gmail.com

Looking for 10 drafters or more.


International Vice-Captain
I know I know there are couple of test drafts in full swing right now but this is a draft where you can email me your options anytime during the day instead of eagerly waiting for your turn.


International Regular
Count me as a no for now but will see where things are in a couple days and if you are still looking for players might add my name in.


International Vice-Captain

Willing to organize this draft if there are enough people interested. You don't have to wait for your turn and just email me your picks when you are free anytime during the day.


Hall of Fame Member

May be increasing budget to $100K. Just for more liquidity. Or may be that's intentional and you want higher chance of ties.


International Vice-Captain

May be increasing budget to $100K. Just for more liquidity. Or may be that's intentional and you want higher chance of ties.
It's just that I despise dealing with large numbers. $100 also feels a bit cramped I suppose so I will go with $1,000. Also I will decrease the Rounds from 12 to 11.

So far:
Red Hill