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Obituary of Ranji in Wisden missing


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My cousin brother was searching through the net but couldn't find any obituary of Ranji in Wisden. Upon searching, I also couldn't find any.

Does any one know about his obituary not being published or any thing about this what seems to be an error on Wisden's part?
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There appears to be one, and a very glowing one at that.

See this article from The Independent

The Independent said:
Ranji's obituary in Wisden paid him what was, in the yellow book's estimation, the highest tribute, conceding that "genius could with the greatest truth be applied to him".
In all liklihood it is hard to find due to the large numbers of names and titles he went by.


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Strictly speaking there wasn't one - at least not with the other obituaries - what there was in the 1934 edition was a tribute article written by Sir Stanley Jackson