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Obituary Column


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
First Lady of punk, Poly Styrene, has died of cancer aged just 53

I remember seeing X Ray Spex back in '77 when they charted with the brilliant "Oh Bondage Up Yours"

Personally my favourite was "The Day the World Turned Day-Glo" which I bought the day it came out - special Limited Edition pressed on lurid orange vinyl - must still have the records somewhere so I'm going to dig 'em out and listen for the first time in 25 years

RIP Poly - fantastic voice, even more powerful than Janis Joplin, and a fine looking woman in later life


One of the greats of British sports broadcasting. Had one of those voices one immediately associates with his sport. For rugby union we had McLaren, league was Waring, boxing was Carpenter, tennis was Maskell and snooker was unquestionably Lowe.

Only Peter O'Sullivan left now. :mellow:


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
... and Murray Walker of course

I knew Ted Lowe's oppo, Jack Karnehm, vaguely - told me the whispering one could be a bit of a Brian Johnstone at times, though I don't ever recall either of them creasing up with laughter whilst commentating


Hall of Fame Member
Apparently with the death of Sir Henry Cooper, of those listed in the Norwegian football rant only Margaret Thatcher is still living.


... and Murray Walker of course
"And there goes my memory...." :ph34r:

Ooops. Yes, worthy of mentioning in the same breath and still very much in the pink. Apologies to Murray.

Related aside: docu in tribute to the father of the Colemanball on BBC2 tomorrow at 9pm: The Remarkable David Coleman.

Supposedly not the affable, slightly flustered chap his on-air persona would have us believe.


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Oh not Ted Lowe.... :(

He's brought that back beautifully onto the pink. And for those of our viewers with black and white televisions, the pink is the one next to the blue.


Global Moderator
Just read that three of Gadaffi's grandchildren, all aged under 12, died in a NATO air strike. :(

I know their granddad is a monster but that still doesn't erase any of the tragedy of the event.



Global Moderator
Yeah that's frankly ****. The overwhelming vagueness of the UNSCR is really coming home now.


International Coach
Or, if you know your going to be targetting by a UN airstrike, don't invite the family round for Sunday dinner. Like Gaddafi doesn't know his prescence is a risk to his family.

Two sides to every coin and that.


State Captain
Haha: "His specialities included England's conflicts with France in the Middle Ages and World War II

Freudian choice of words...


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Vale Lionel Rose, according to reports.

First indigenous Australian to win a world boxing title. Nice guy and legend.


Cricketer Of The Year
Hope there's some deleted posts. Lol if he copped a three month ban for the haggis reference.


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Thought the India related post could've been seen to be more offensive, which is crazy because the **** is Indian himself.