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Obesity Crisis


International Captain
Main story on the Beeb's 6 o'clock news this evening:


Apparently 'scientists are calling for access to fattening foods to be restricted.' What, a return to rationing? How very 1940s."Sorry, no chips, you had some last week." No doubt a major health problem for the future (heart disease, diabetes etc) but the definition of 'obese' seems pretty severe from that graphic. Thoughts?

BTW this is a place for lard-buckets to come clean - I'm 6 feet tall and around 12 and a half stone and I always thought I had quite a trim figure - certainly compared to many that I see and work with - but no, it seems I'm borderline overweight.:@
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Tom Halsey

International Coach
Lol, 12 and a half stone at 6 foot isn't nearly overweight, whatever system says it is is being ridiculous.


Hall of Fame Member
Haha. Apparently I'm on the light side of ok, not far from underweight. Must say my scales aren't the most reliable around, though.


Hall of Fame Member
We did this in Science today, co-incidentally. I was on the line between OK and overweight on the chart majig, but 25 on BMI. Which is right in the centre of acceptable.


Cricketer Of The Year
5 "11" and 155-160 pounds.

So I am pretty normal at the moment, however, I did use to be a fat ass 3-4 years ago.


International Coach
5ft 10, 13st. Probably pushing obese on the charts, really its a decentish figure with a beer gut and a year away from physical exercise (too many ankle and knee problems to run properly, put on about 2 stone, aiming to lose it soon though).

Looking to get it down to about 11 1/2 - 12st. Used to be about 10, less when i ran alot, but although i stopped growing upwards, my figures become a bit more stocky. So rather than going back to a skinny runners build, now better suited to a bit of muscle.

Of course, all depends on me actually putting the effort back in. Got FAR too lazy now :(


State 12th Man
says im ok 6,4 12 stone been puttin on weight my waist size grew like 2 inches in a year. ill be obese in a few


International Coach
Dire. Theres the door. Kindly shut it on your way out.

If you can fit through it ;)


Hall of Fame Member
According to that Im borderline obese. 6'1" and 100 kg. Ignores the fact that Im built like a brick ****house with massive thighs, fit and a fast sprinter etc. Using 1 chart for all people is stupid.

I remember at Uni (long time ago) I had a terrible chest infection and went to the doctor. He told me to stop smoking (which was fair enough, as thats his job) and then brought out weight charts.

Told me to get down to 11 stone (154 lbs, 70 kgs) . :blink: I told im exactly what I thought of that. Ilogical medical advice is terrible as it ruins the credibility of the doctor. Thank God the NHS is free as I wouldnt have paid the quack for such bad advice if it was private.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
The criteria and definition of overweight is absolutely ridiculous, I was about 75kg at the start of the year and was considered overweight at the age of 16 and being 170cm all. Couldn't beleive it. I don't take any notice of those sort of things though, as far as I'm concerned it's a personal thing whether you think you are overweight or not.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
BMI claims i'm overweight. But frankly i've got more stamina because i've been cycling a load than loads of people that are considering 'perfect weight'. Muscle weighs more than fat anyway so the whole thing is skewed.


Global Moderator
I'm just under 6 foot, and weigh about 78 kgs. My skinnies are a little too high. Basically, I still believe that food isn't the problem - it's whether or not you're doing quality exercise. If you've ddecided you can't be bothered doing that, then you've got to acknowledge that you're going to have to watch what you eat more vigorously.


International Vice-Captain
I'm 5' 7" and 9 stone,so just on the ok borderline.....BMI is in the normal range too....and i'm a chocaholic...must be the running i do that burns all that off...:)