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NZC boss Justin Vaughan to step down


Justin Vaughan will resign as New Zealand Cricket's chief executive later today.

Fairfax Media understands Vaughan will announce today that he is stepping down from the role in November, by which time he will have been in the job for more than four years.

It is understood he will cite two main reasons for his decision to leave the national body.
Justin Vaughan To Quit as NZ Cricket Boss | Stuff.co.nz

A good thing for NZ imo. I don't doubt his effort, but I think he made a fair few mistakes in his time and not many improvements.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Reckon Sneds would come back? His RWC commitments will be over by then.


International Captain
A letter of thanks for Justin Vaughan Sportsfreak

So farewell then Justin Vaughan.

We will miss your unique style of measured, considered and consultative brand of indecision you brought to the job of being Head Bureaucrat at NZ Cricket.

We liked the way you told Shane Bond he could play for New Zealand and the ICL at the same time when the BCCI had made it abundantly clear you couldn’t, and all other nations were falling into line. Bond seemed like such a nice guy; you didn’t want to upset him.

You knew team morale and general conviviality was important in a team environment. That’s why you hired Dave Currie, famous for leading hakas to celebrate fourth placed swimmers, for the Manager’s job in the team. What’s a bit of walking behind the sightscreen amongst friends?

You were so open with the media. It was reassuring to know that every story would get leaked early and pop on the Stuff website ahead of time. No matter that in the case of a player retiring at the end of a three test series, it should be broken in the middle of the second test that New Zealand then went on to lose. At least we knew nice and early.

Your ability to think outside the square was appreciated. Having the captain also acting as coach and chief selector was a novel approach; and the way you made Greatbatch coach while making us know he wasn’t really the coach was what you would call Blue Sky Thinking.

And didn’t you think out of the square when it came to scheduling? Take this summer for example. 80 consecutive days without first-class cricket; the cornerstone of the game.

Being a gentleman was important to you. Hiring Allan Donald for this year’s World Cup was a masterstroke. But you knew that it was important not to put too much pressure on the man. So the Verbal Agreement that was made which must’ve really helped him as a bargaining tool when negotiating the South African bowling coach job.

Helping coaches with their careers was a bit of a theme really. The IPL was based on coaches who raised their profiles while being publicly considered as a replacement for John Bracewell. New Zealand ended up with Fifth Choice Andy Moles, but at least everyone got a chance and the process was played out in public.

In fact, process and committees were generally important to you too. A committee to decide on a new captain once Vettori stood down from the role (having given a year’s notice). 94 days worth of Due Process. Some may say that caused division within the squad but it did have its good moments too; Brendon McCullum sure developed his PowerPoint skills.

And then, as a parting gesture, you gave us an Australian with a background in baseball and lawn bowls to be the National Selection Manager within a structure than no-one really understands. Now, that will be something to remember you by.
Brillant I thought.


International Captain
I don't doubt his effort, but I think he made a fair few mistakes in his time and not many improvements.
You're being far too kind to uncle JC their Phelgm, during his four years in charge it was generally one ****up after another, how he lasted this long I'll never know.


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Won't miss him in the slightest tbh, always struck me as being way too much of a push-over to bat (in the admin sense) for NZ cricket. We need someone with a bit of guts. Not the biggest Sneds fan around either, but he was 10 times as effective as Vaughan for mine


AWTA. The most galling thing imo was wheeling out the flat pitches for India. Everyone knew about the 2002 tour, and how much of a hissy India had over having to actually bat on a classical New Zealand pitch. The CEO and groundsmen at the time didn't care. I found it highly suspicious we wheeled out those pitches given Vaughan's track record for knowing his place, something an NZ CEO should never ever know.


International Captain
Well it paid off because India have agreed to three full tours over the next 10 years. Going by some of his comments today that seems to be one of his biggest accomplishments which says it all really.


Not Terrible
The grounds were packed for 15 days of Test cricket against India. The pitches were hard on us, but our lack of quality bowling was even more telling.