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Nice Running, ****!


Hall of Fame Member
that's hilarious. On those first few, he couldn't have done better had be been trying to run his teammate out.


Hall of Fame Member
Unscientifically from what I've seen and by repute I'd also have Boycott, Clarke and Nasser up/down there in the shyte runner stakes.

Be interested to see how they stack up.
Derek Randall might disagree, but I don't think Boycott was as bad as reputed. Not that he was interested in many quick singles, of course.


U19 Vice-Captain
I absolutely love that all the worst runners in history ran out their partners rather than themselves > 75% of the time.
I suppose they're the ones with the conviction that there's a run in one of their shots. The other guy will already be half way down the pitch once it's called as he'll have been backing up.


Hall of Fame Member
Phil Hughes - 2 run outs of himself, 2 run outs of his partners. 49 innings. 0.082 run outs per innings - puts him in lower-mid table.


Audio File
Actually, I tell a lie - Wisden only included 13 out of 86 batsmen involved in 10 or more run-outs and focused more on those who have been involved in running their batting partner out - so Inzy could still find a place in this list.

With statsguru on Cricinfo, it doesn't take long to work out. Took about 10 minutes for Watson.

Search on matches involving Shane Watson where a run out was involved and then just clicked through the scorecards.
Yeah, was about to say that I thought Ponting had the record for most often run out, had 15 of them or something.