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New Zealand- #1 ranked test side for the first time ever


Global Moderator
Yeah this is just a very solid, very well-rounded Test side and obviously deserving of this mantle.
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aussie tragic

International Captain
Well done Kiwis, looks like a great team. There should a Aus-NZ 4 Test series next summer with 2 Tests in each country.

Pity Aus will be back #1 in 2 weeks when they win India series


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Great stuff for NZ. I really enjoy watching them play atm. Have built a genuinely good side around Williamson, Watling, Wagner and Boult. Jamieson's inclusion and Latham's development combined with an aging but still effective Taylor make this a worthy ranking imho. The other players I haven't' mentioned have all contributed to this as well.

Really punching above their weight...


i think australia would take it comfortably tbh, because australia seem to live rent free in the heads of the current nz generation.

jamieson is the first zoomer in the team i believe barring the phillips one off test, so hopefully the next gen can combine the fleming era scrap with the current eras talent.