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*NEW GAME LMS, starting March 26th* (English Football)

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
11 enter, 2 fallers:

GIMH: Tranmere 2 to destroy Jester 0
marc: Scunthorpe 1 over Coventry 0
grecian: Forest Green 2 southport 1 please
flibbertyjibber: Forest Green 2 to beat Southport 1
ripper868: Gillingham 2 to beat Blackpool 1
NUFAN: Arsenal 2 over Stoke 0
fatt: West Ham 2 to beat Newcastle 0
Marcuss: West Ham 2 to beat Newcastle 0
Vimes: Hitchin Town 4 over Peterborough Sports 2 aet

fredfertang: Charlton 1 to beat Rotherham 1
Heef: Charlton 1 to beat Rotherham 1

The used teams list:

GIMH: Tranmere Rovers; Chester
marc: Scunthorpe United; Coventry City
grecian: Forest Green Rovers; Southport
flibbertyjibber: Forest Green Rovers; Southport
ripper: Gillingham; Blackpool
NUFAN: Arsenal; Stoke City
fatt: West Ham United; Newcastle United
marcuss: West Ham United; Newcastle United
Vimes: Hitchin Town; Peterborough Sports

Fixtures as usual, matches 18th-21st September are eligible.
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Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
The Big Four is not what it was, seven of us fall

marc: Coventry 1 to beat Chesterfield 0
NUFAN: Rochdale 2 over Scuunthorpe 1

flibbertyjibber: Gateshead 1 to beat Welling 2
grecian: Liverpool 1 Norwich 1 please
Vimes: Man C 1 over West Ham U 2
GIMH:Gateshead 1 to beat Welling 2
fatt: City 1 to beat West Ham 2
ripper: no pick
marcuss: no pick

Marc and NUfers go head-to-head into week 3, 25-28 September fixtures

marc: Scunthorpe United, Coventry City; Coventry City, Chesterfield
NUFAN: Arsenal, Rochdale; Stoke City,
Scunthorpe United