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New feature: Career Impact - the First 1,000


International Regular
This is my 50th feature; a typical year for our resident Bradman, tangy, but a milestone nonetheless for me. Of those features, some have been evocative, some investigative, all have been historical (some might say hysterical). Of the investigative variety, some have been groundbreaking (Runs Saved, Bowler ODI Win-Loss Records) and some have taken a great deal of work and not caught the collective imagination (Series Points).

In my opinion, the work I am completing now on career impact is the most substantive I've ever done - here is the first part, looking at the career impact of the first 1,000 players.

Cricket Web - Features: Career Impact - the First 1,000

A database of this information will enable many types of investigations, some useful, some less so but hopefully always interesting to those who like that sort of thing. For instance, it may be possible to give some players their due who might otherwise not be as highly rated as they deserve - looking at the first 1,000 players and ranking on either total runs and batting average, Hanif Mohammad does not rank in the top dozen using either measure. Using an impact measure, however, he rates in the top ten.

Other interesting issues include looking at how individual players contributed, e.g. all-rounders; Sobers impact breaks down as 55% batting, 10% fielding and 35% bowling, while Benaud's impact figures at 23% batting, 14% fielding and 63% bowling.

We can identify trends, e.g. how the priorities of selectors have changed over time in terms of the batting/fielding breakdown for wicketkeepers.

We can assess how Man of the Match/Series awards accurately reflect the impact of individual players, and also identify the top players prior to the start of these awards.

At some point I'll post the whole database so anyone who's interested and has ideas on what to do with it can access it.
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