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New Competition-The 6ixty


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I'm embarrassed that this **** is on the official Cricket Windies Website.

It'll make us (come on, who am I kidding?) good money though...
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Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Fans can look forward to the following exciting new rules:

  • Each batting team has six wickets – at the fall of the sixth wicket they are all out
  • Each batting team has two PowerPlay overs. They can unlock a third PowerPlay by hitting two sixes in the first 12 balls. This extra PowerPlay over can be taken at any time between overs 3-9
  • There will be 30 balls bowled from one end before the action switches to the other end for the final 30 balls
  • The 30 balls will be delivered as 5 separate overs, with no bowler being able to bowl more than 2 overs for the innings.
  • If teams do not bowl their overs within the allotted time a member of their team is removed from the field for the final six balls
  • Fans will vote for the timing of a “Mystery Free Hit” where a batter can’t be dismissed by the bowler

They're punishing the bowling team for no logical reason...this is stupid. End the #batriarchy!

If a fan catches a ball in the stands, then the batsman should be sent packing. Dismissed! GTFOH!


International Coach
OK I'm not clicking on any links so explain how the vote thing is supposed to work. Surely you would only be able to vote before any play has started, but then it makes the entire concept pointless.