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New Bat - Slazenger V1200 Select


Cricket Spectator
Hey guys, have just retired the Puma Ballistic C.SS 5000 at the start of the season break and purchased a Slazenger v1200 Select, RRP was $349 but all bats were on sale and I got it for $200. Have given it the recommended coats of oil and knocking in.


A pretty good weight for a bat, maybe a little heavy for the weaker type of people. Balanced pick up and a wide face. A thick edge, with a sweetspot I believe running for about 28cm on the bat. Have used it at the nets 3 times, and my defensive front foot blocks are sending the ball flying back to the bowler. I believe this bat is very good for straight drives and Hook shots. The cut shot seems to be the only flaw, with it being a sluggish in that area. Quite a unique bat in the way of it actually having 2 splices (as shown below). All in all a great bat, it values your shots, sending them straight to the boundary and has given me confidence of scoring some big runs in the first match back in 2 weeks time. Recommend it for anyone struggling to power the ball to the boundary.

Last picture is my old Puma.

2013-12-31 00.39.54.jpg2013-12-31 00.40.35.jpg2013-12-31 00.40.59.jpg2013-12-31 00.41.32.jpg

Anyone have questions? Anyone had experience with this bat? Anyone got it? Anyone thinking of getting one? Discuss! :)



Cricket Spectator
Well it says "Dual Splice" on the back... Dual = 2 am I right?

Is pretty confusing when I think about it