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Mystery Box Draft II - Voting Thread

Who drafter the best team?

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Vote for the best team, which isn't your own.

Athlai's XI

Len Hutton
Herbert Sutcliffe
Ken Barrington
Brian Lara
Greg Chappell
AB de Villiers (+)
Wasim Akram
Malcolm Marshall
Dale Steyn
Muttiah Muralitharan
Fred Spofforth

harsh.ag's XI

Sunil Gavaskar
Wilfred Rhodes (5)
Kumar Sangakkara
Sir Clyde Walcott
WG Grace
Sir Garry Sobers (6)
Andrew Flintoff (4)
Les Ames +
Sir Richard Hadlee (2)
Sydney Barnes (1)
Clarrie Grimmett (3)

weldone's XI

1. Virender Sehwag
2. Barry Richards
3. Rahul Dravid
4. Jacques Kallis (5)
5. Graeme Pollock
6. Javed Miandad*
7. Kapil Dev (3)
8. Jeff Dujon+
9. Hedley Verity (4)
10. Joel Garner (2)
11. Glenn McGrath (1)

Pothas' XI

Herbie Taylor
Douglas Jardine
George Headley
Allan Border
Steve Waugh
Keith Miller
Imran Khan
Alan Knott
George Lohmann
Bill O'Reilly
Curtly Ambrose

honestbharani's XI

Victor Trumper
Wally Hammond
Sir Viv Richards
Denis Compton
Ian Botham
Adam Gilchrist
Shaun Pollock
Shane Warne
Jim Laker
Harold Larwood
Waqar Younis

WalkingWicket's XI

1. Jack Hobbs
2. Geoff Boycott
3. Ricky Ponting
4. Sachin Tendulkar (5)
5. Ranjithsinji
6. Bruce Mitchell
7. Bert Oldfield +
8. Fred Trueman (2)
9. Ray Lindwall (3)
10. Dennis Lillee (1)
11. Allan Donald (4)


International Debutant
Pretty even batting for these sides. Decided that WalkingWicket had the strongest batting but had to vote for Athlai as that's almost an all-time ATG bowling lineup.


Weldone and Pothas just about tied for first place IMO. Would have liked to vote for two teams. But since I'm a fan of Richards and Verity.......

Great job running the Draft btw Howe
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Cricketer Of The Year
Sweet draft Howester. Voted for harsh's team although Athlai has completely dominated the vote thus far


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Howe is it possible to give us the XIs we didn't pick?
1. Wilfred Rhodes
2. Denis Compton
3. Allan Border
4. Douglas Jardine
5. Hedley Verity
6. Harold Larwood
7. Shane Warne
8. Muralitharan
9. Michael Holding
10. Joel Garner
11. Clarrie Grimmett

Unpicked by harsh.ag

1. Denis Compton
2. Sachin Tendulkar
3. Keith Miller
4. Ian Botham
5. Alan Knott
6. Bert Oldfield
7. Hedley Verity
8. Harold Larwood
9. Joel Garner
10. Glenn McGrath
11. Fred Spofforth

Unpicked by honestbharani

1. Ranjitsinhji
2. Allan Border
3. AB De Villiers
4. Jeffrey Dujon
5. Alan Knott
6. Wasim Akram
7. George Lohmann
8. Dennis Lillee
9. Michael Holding
10. Joel Garner
11. Sydney Barnes

Unpicked by Pothas

1. Jack Hobbs
3. Denis Compton
4. Viv Richards
5. Allan Border
6. Jeffrey Dujon
7. Hedley Verity
8. Shane Warne
9. Dennis Lillee
10. Michael Holding
11. Glenn McGrath

Unpicked by Athlai

1. Viv Richards
2. Sachin Tendulkar
3. Allan Border
4. Denis Compton
5. Keith Miller
6. Bert Oldfield
7. Hedley Verity
8. Harold Larwood
9. Shane Warne
10. Michael Holding
11. Glenn McGrath

Unpicked by weldone

1. Denis Compton
2. Allan Border
3. Clyde Walcott
4. Keith Miller
5. Ian Botham
6. Wasim Akram
7. Hedley Verity
8. Harold Larwood
9. Dennis Lillee
10. Muralitharan
11. Michael Holding


Bowlers unpicked everywhere.

In the early rounds people generally turned down batsmen like Compton and Border for either fast bowlers or for better batsmen. Later on people were snapping up batsmen whenever they came along, either to compensate or just to add more batting depth. So either way people generally had to turn down fast bowlers over and over again.