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Music discussion thread


Beggars belief that you had an avatar of Freddie Mercury for quite sometime though...:ph34r:
Can't honestly remember who I lost the bet to or what it was for now. Was it one of your wheezes?

Also has Robbie Williams (again, dunno) & B*Witched (Dicko, obv, for England not making the semis of the 2007 ODI WC IIRC) at various points.


Norwood's on Fire
There might be another thread like this but tbh I cba to find it. Basically music discussion is spilling out into other threads and while you can never get too much music it's nice to have one set place to call everyone elses tastes utter rubbish. I was thinking about genre specific threads but I doubt that would get as much attention and you know the more general it is the better. Sure we have a listening thread but no one bothers their arses to use that as a discussion place like they should so yeah.

I'd like to start by saying that obscure prog is like the biggest goldmine in great music ever. Stuff like Comus and (less obscure) Wishbone Ash are some of the greatest bands ever and yet so underappreciated.
Mym mum and step dad go and watch them in Birkenhead every year. They come round around May time.

Think this thread has potential, often I feel like just posting about music that I am not necessarily listening to, nor have I bought the album recently or is the band on my concert calendar but I feel like talking about it. Thank you Flying V, all my CW dreams have been made reality.

Let's take bets on when Mitchell will first make a n00b cry in this thread


At the first mention of Muse/The Killers/Bloc Party I'd wager, and can't say I'd blame him either.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator

Nothing wrong with Boten Anna :(

What I do concede however is my liking of Marit Larsen's "Under the Surface" due to it being played so ****ing much when I was working in the chemical factory.
Epic lol.