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Most Mellow on CW?


in my experience there arent that many people here who arent truly mellow on CW, if i had to make reference to any others then i would say that the most mellow are probably neil pickup, boybrumby, richard and FaaipDeOiad,

any others ?


Oddly enough, I'm known as being really laid back in real life, maybe its because I take all my anger out on here?

Nah Im very mellow, except when cricket and people who walk out in front of me when I'm driving happen..

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Sean (Fuller) is certainly a leading candidate in my mind. I've got a lot of respect for him.

Sean (Bennett) is...well... he's steds.


im quite like langeveldt in real life it seems, i dont really take my anger out here, i just seem to make other people angry (not that richard does that) but in real life im very very laid back to the state that if i was any more so i would be comatose.


Hall of Fame Member
I guess I can handle being mellow. :p

BoyBrumby seems like a pretty relaxed guy. PY, Neil and Liam as well.


FaaipDeOiad said:
I guess I can handle being mellow. :p

BoyBrumby seems like a pretty relaxed guy. PY, Neil and Liam as well.
It's solely down to drugs. :D

Not true! Just say no, kids! Er, stay in school! Rock the vote!.....ok, I'm done. :p


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Igor Clubshub.

Never loses his cool, he's the life of the proverbial forum party.

Another worthy mention is our dear mate SquidAU. Loves a laugh.