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Most lll treated players


International Coach
Fawad Alam has to take the cake.

Scores 168 on test debut opening despite being a middle order batsman through his career finds himself out of the side 2 tests later never gets a chance again despite averaging 50+ for five seasons.

Gets dropped from odi side despite averaging 37 fights his way back takes his average to 48 has 2 bad games gets dropped again for Shafiq and Younis who unsurprisingly stinks up the joint. Asked to play a domestic tourney to prove his form and fitness before World cup guns it again and then misses out on world cup selection for Younis f'in Khan.

I will not blame him if he calls it quits.


Has Fawad Alam ever had disciplinary issues? Shag a selectors wife? Make weird comments in the pavillion? Stare in the changing sheds?

There has to be some reason behind the snubbing.


International Coach
It has nothing to do with Karachi. There are 4 Karachi based cricketers in Pakistan WC squad.

Fawad is possibly one player who I have never seen whinge over his non selection just gets on with his cricket which is very unlike Pakistani behavior where from super stars such as Younis Khan and Afridi to mediocre failures like Faisal iqbal and Shoaib Malik all have a go at PCB when they are dropped from the side


International Coach
The main argument selectors hold against Fawad is he does no look convincing while scoring the problem is you worry about batting aesthetics if you have batsman like Sachin or Ponting in your line up a mediocre batting side like Pakistan can't afford to drop players just because they don't look pretty at the crease.


International Debutant
He recently scored 90* from 58 deliveries and in same match Asad Shafiq got 98 from 101 balls but all comemntators said Asad Shafiq played outstanding knock and cemented his place for the WC


Hall of Fame Member
Alam should have picked up a County deal and qualified for England or something.


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Yeah I don't think there's any doubt it's Alam at the moment.

Indians will go on about Pankaj Singh but even he doesn't come close.

Lyon until recently was also treated pretty poorly.


International Captain
Ajay Sharma. Given only one test, failed and was dropped. Ended up with 10000+ runs at 67 in FC. Harsh.


International Debutant
I don't rate him but Thami Tsolekile was treated poorly in 2012. He was put in the squad, got a national contract, and didn't even get one gig with the Proteas. If he's got a contract give the guy a damn game. Could also have given AB's back a rest in a couple of the less important ODIs.


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He was treated very well I thought. Getting a contract for SA while being dire is quite an achievement.