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Most Dangerous Ball


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Interesting vid.

Hope his action's been tested. It looks all right to the naked eye of course, but that means nothing because unlike in the real world, with cricket if it looks like a chuck, it aint necessarily a chuck, blah blah blah


State Captain
I agree with a cricket ball being the most dangerous ball, but FMD there is some bull**** in that video.

Son Of Coco

Hall of Fame Member
I agree with a cricket ball being the most dangerous ball, but FMD there is some bull**** in that video.

Isn't there! Like the stump breaking for a start...and who would have known that out of all of those a cricket ball would be the most dangerous :dry: Although I'd vote for shotput if you could throw it at 160kph..


State Vice-Captain
Clearly these Americans have a pretty loose definition of a 'world-class' cricketer. I mean, Franklyn Rose? FFS. Maybe for a test or two.


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Gullible American's will probably believe its common-place for batsmen to suffer broken legs :laugh:


Hall of Fame Member
The video definitely made me smile. Great stuff.
I just wish that the West Indies could produce actual fast bowlers who could hit 95+ mph these days, preferably with the accuracy and skill of the old school quicks.


International Regular
Me too. Glad to see that at least our sport can be recognised as not just a sport of the faint hearted and kinda makes me appreciate more the greats of the past who made their runs with very little protective gear.