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Michael Jackson dies


Hall of Fame Member
And pretty much confirmed dead according to latest reports on the Sky News channel.


Unconfirmed (Jacko I mean) according to Sky News here, but sounds bad. If you'll pardon the pun.

Too soon?


Hall of Fame Member
What a thriller. Is it true?

I expect some bad taste gags to surface now. Like replace every instance of the word "bad" in the song "Bad" with "dead".

Personally, I don't believe it. Publicity stunt for his next tour.


Hall of Fame Member
It think we need to wait for the official word on this, heaven can wait but i suppose nobody is invincible
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The euphemisms they're using on Sky are good: "emotional difficulties" & "reclusive lifestyle" my favs so far.

But it's never just black or white.


International Coach
CNN say not dead yet.
FOX say not dead yet, but use past tense "was" when listing facts about his life at the bottom of the screen.
SKY said he is dead, but now say unconfirmed.

and now CNN says he is in a coma.
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