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Michael Holding retires from commentary


Whatever it takes!!!
He will be missed. Hope he turns up for the London games at least, the way Lawry was there for the Melbourne games.

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
I liked him, but he had become a bit of an “in my day” man in recent years. That’s okay for grumpy old gits on a forum but doesn’t fit too well in commentary.


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One of the greats. Even enjoyed his late career grumpiness others found grating. His utter disdain towards t20s was hilariously endearing to me.
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State Vice-Captain
As well as an outstanding bowler and a fighter for racial equality, he was a fine commentator. Probably the third best West Indian commentator I've ever heard behind the late, great Tony Cozier and Ian Bishop.
FWIW, I feel like Tony Cozier doesn't get enough love. Great commentator, because of his knowledge, eloquence and very obvious love of the game.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Being on nights I fell asleep about the time it was announced and have woken to this news and I feel gutted. He is an iconic commentator and I wish him all the best in his retirement.

Nights mess you up, was meant to go to pub with dad tonight and fell asleep and then wake up to this, almost feels like a death in the family I loved his voice so much.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
FWIW, I feel like Tony Cozier doesn't get enough love. Great commentator, because of his knowledge, eloquence and very obvious love of the game.
Like Peter Alliss in golf was the best in his prime but went on too long, can't hide the fact he was brilliant though at his peak.


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We're poorer for this.

I personally found his grumpiness, unwillingness to suck India's proverbial **** and criticism of LOs quite refreshing. Yes there the 'back in my day' stuff could get excessive, but overall he was fantastic imo.

We need diversified opinions in the box and he used to provide one. Nasser, Bishop and co are awesome but they're always treading on eggshells.

The less said about the quality of some of the non-Sky contingent the better.

The Sean

Cricketer Of The Year
It seems silly now, of course, but as a kid I had heard Tony Cozier's wonderful, mellifluous Barbadian voice on radio well before I had ever seen him and - as my sole exposure to Caribbean people at that age had been the West Indian cricket team - I remember the first time he appeared on screen in front of me and being utterly amazed that he was white!