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mens 4x100


Eyes not spreadsheets
I couldn't believe it, was so negative about our chances (14-1, USA were 1-20) - I didn't even bother to stay in and watch it!

Tom Halsey

International Coach
Neil Pickup said:
US = Gatlin, Crawford, Greene, Williams.

No one is going to beat that. GB haven't a prayer, either, because none of the sprinters made the final. Bronze at best but even that will be tough.
I won't take any tips from you in the future. :p;)

Tom Halsey

International Coach
Well, I thought we were in with a chance of second, and, after their womens' display, was hopeful of them screweing up the baton changes - but I never really expected it! :D


Cricket Web Staff Member
Craig said:
Great Britian have done better then what they were expected to do in the track.
Not half.

When you take the last 2 Olympics, they've averaged 10 golds a time in all sports - before the lottery money started being pumped into sport, they were down to just one.

I know it's not much compared to the Aussies etc of the 'smaller' nations, but it's a start, and long may it continue.

Currently, in order to get financial backing, they have to be world-ranked in the top 10 or so - I'd like to see that extended so much more money is put into the development of sports facilities for the youth of the country.